Morning pages

As I continue to slowly make my way through The Artist's Way, I have found that it is a pretty good book in some ways but the idea of putting pen to paper, a la the morning papers, has been pretty hard for me for every day of the past few months. Not the writing part. I can barf that out pretty good. The actual sitting down at a desk and writing with pen and paper part. This is the "prescribed" way, but the problem is that I can never review it and it is easier for me to skip because, well life.

But it is a pretty good technique. Gets a lot of stuff out of the head. So I have gone digital, as the kids would say about ten years ago. Writing out the morning papers on my computer is

  1. More likely to happen.
  2. Allows for actual review of my thoughts if I for some reason would want to.
  3. Allows me to clip out things if something is actually ""good"".
  4. Not only review, but I could actually search through my morning thoughts if that was ever a thing that needed to be.

So I do not know. The author of the book says this is a "No-no." but then again she is probably as intimate and comfortable with a pen and paper as I am with a computer. Sooo, I will try it out. Maybe I will go back to the pen and paper method. I have filled up a few notebooks. And it was nice. But I think I will need to try this instead.

Only thing is I am not sure how to measure three pages quite yet. I did a five minute timer for the past two days, I might up it to ten. That should get for some good brain scratching.