Gotta run

I am so hooked on speed runs right now.

Summer Games Done Quick started a few days ago and it has been a constant companion as I have been working on some stuff. It has been too good of a companion, really. More like a much more interesting companion since I sometimes find my attention drifting too much towards the stream. I did miss a few runs I wanted to see because of sleep, but oh well. I will be watching the backlog.

I am probably going to take a nap and wake up around 12:30 AM my time to check out the Crystalis. I actually want to start learning that. Actually, there is a second category which utilizes the second controller warp. Maybe I will start working on that after I finish FF12. There is just something so alluring about working on a game basically to its pure mathematical levels and just figuring out how it works so well that you then train yourself to be able to execute things that work along with this math.

I am not sure how many speed runners also do game design, but it seems like something that would go hand in hand. Perhaps more on a hobby level than a business level, due to the time both would take and the fact that jobs tend to have a bit of a burnout effect on most people. Either way, speed running has brought back a passion and a love for gaming that I found a bit muddled when I spent more time talking about games and the business of games than actually playing games.

It feels good to be back. It kind of feels like home.