Pick the booth

There is an idea that worrying about being bad at something means you may not be as bad as you think. Or at the very least it means that you are open to the possibility of improvement. Either way, I constantly worry about my parenting. We went out for dinner tonight. A mistake, to be sure as our son is two years old. Compounding this mistake was the choice of a table instead of a booth. Although it was less table with chairs and more table with mats to sit on. Makes it real easy for a two year old to get up and run around.

Now here is where I start to get confused. Is this already a mistake? Is this already a disaster? Are parents supposed to wait until things would be perfect to go and interact in society, or are these learning situations for the child, thus making them valuable? I suppose that is whether or not you are on the side of giving any fucks about someone else's kid. The point is, there were times where we wanted our son to do something and he did it. Then there were times we wanted him to do something and he did not because thing on the floor. Saying "Hey, do not move around too much while eating." is nice but seems to be ineffective at times.

Sit down talks have very little effect at this stage of his life.

So a few minutes later I am holding some regurgitated rice in my hand because someone wanted to move around a lot after putting a big spoonful in his mouth. He may have learned more than I think but not as much as I would hope. Then again, I am not exactly mad because he is two. My pants can be cleaned. We tidied up the table as much as we could before leaving. I always wonder if that makes us better or just as bad to the waitstaff.

Anyway, I think my wife and I learned the most in this situation. Pick the booth.