Catching up

In February I had a big project that dominated my time and made me get off of schedule on a few things I did daily. Most importantly was Anki, which up until then I had been doing with quite regularity. What was surprising was that I kept saying I would get back to it, but despite attempts here and there, I did not really get back.

Today I powered through and got my dictionary definitions deck done. I still have 1600 kanji to go through, which is going to take a few days, but the real key here that I have realized is that I have to do this three days in a row. Three days and I should really be able to form the habit again.

Anki was probably the best thing that I did for my Japanese studying and getting out of the habit was pretty bad for me. I still read and listened and consumed Japanese, but the Anki reviews was always something consistent about my day that has been missing for the past five months. I spend two hours and sixteen minutes on Anki today however when I was doing it daily I only needed under a half hour to get it all done. I am a bit worried about burning myself out, but I hope that I can catch up and then get back to the minimum thirty minutes or so that I was sailing through previously.