subaku mini 1.2

subaku mini 1.2 is out today! Nicely timing since subaku's summer sale just ended. This version looks a lot more like the actual game for a very good reason. The code base is the same now. I was foolishly maintaining two separate apps which made it increasingly more difficult to manage.

Turns out, #ifdef! Yes, I am learning still. But wow, that was something I needed to learn if I was going to keep subaku mini around. I am still torn between having it have a link to buy the full version or have an In App Purchase for the rest of the stuff. Since the way leader boards and such could be handled, I guess that could work. Since I switched over to this way it could be easier to handle and perhaps IAP would lead to more sales than making people go over to the app store and purchase the full version.

Stuff to think about. Anyway! If you missed the subaku summer sale you can check out subaku before you buy. First ten puzzles for free. I hope you enjoy it.