subaku 1.3 is up

How about we take a little look at the review notes for subaku 1.3?

  • Interface changes.
  • Tiles now change size depending on their values.

Whatever does this mean? Well, other than that I need to work on better descriptions, now the tiles will change from either half the size of the original tiles in subaku for 1 and scale up until the full version they used to be for 7.

I think this really helps to understand how tiles shrink, literally, when you tap them and expand when nearby tiles are tapped.

There is also a neat little animation for when you clear out tiles. They will twist away and play an awesome little sound from Eirik Suhrke. I really like how it turned out.

I would love it if you check out subaku. The full version is available here for $2. Or, if you are a try before you by type folk, here are the first ten puzzles for free.