Some Clickity Clackity Noise

My wife's grandfather is ninety nine years old. That is a lot of years.

I had the urge to work on one of the games that I had floating in my head for a while. I loaded up the project in Xcode. Then I closed it. Next I opened up IAWriter and proceeded to write. I dumped about three or four pages of stuff that had been floating around my head for the past few months. It felt great. The next day I actually went into Xcode and began to pump away at some of the data files that the game will need. I have not written much code but I will have a lot to play with once the coding part comes.

I wonder if this is backwards or not. Most of the time I start by coding, making dummy data as I go along. There was an itching feeling when I did that this time, however. Having all this data made up makes me feel like I really have something to work with here. This is one of those projects that I really want to complete, and I am getting to the point where it is now or never, I feel.

We went to see my wife's grandfather today. Like I said, he is ninety nine. Every single time I saw the man, I was astonished by how energetic he was. He would talk my ear off, even though I could barely understand the mumbling that he spoke with a smile. I will never forget how the first time I met him and the rest of my wife's extended family down in the countryside how after an hour of everyone chatting he asked my wife's aunt if I could speak Japanese. We had been for the past hour. Hearing may not have been his strong suit either, but he still laughed it off.

There was no smiling or mumbling today.

I am unsure if it is a sign of selfishness, immaturity or just being human, but seeing him in this state only led me to eventually think of my own mortality. That of my wife and my son. I will be thirty one this year. I am young, sure. As I sit here thinking about mortality and regrets, I wonder if one thing about life is perhaps that we want our children to regret less than we did. I am not sure. What I am sure of is that it is even more important to me that I get this game completed. It is what I really want to do. With the increasing piles of shoulds and musts we get placed on our plate in every day life, never mind the ones we add ourselves, it seems increasingly more obvious of the necessity to make strides into actually doing the things we want, damning how much they will pay or how much respect they will garner.

I am hoping for the best for my wife's grandfather over the next few months.