rk's run 2013

"Hey, here is an idea, self. Why not play a video game for twenty-four hours straight?"

And to think I decided to say yes to this.

I did a few things better than I did last year. Deciding to sleep, then wake up and begin playing was so much a better idea than last year when I worked, took a two hours ""nap"" which was more of me staring at the ceiling, and then proceeding to play for twenty-two hours. I was Kawazudamned goofy at the end of the stream in 2012.

Here in the future of 2013, as I noticed myself getting a bit drowsy, I put in a limit. I was not going to play more than twenty-four hours straight. Doing anything else would be ridiculous. It was clear that I was very unlikely to finish the game before that.

Here's the video of the Neo Exdeath fight. One, I am surprised at the length I was able to stay afloat and two, there was some insane math going on there. Meteor is supposed to hit characters at random. Eight hits from two separate Meteors all hit Kururu. It has been a while since my probability class, in which I did not do so hot, but unless I am goofing my question, Wolfram Alpha is telling me this is a one in sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty four event.

I do not believe in ""luck"" as it were, but when I play game there seems to be some oddities going on. Last year it took me over an hour for an enemy to drop a weapon, something that should have happened in mere minutes. Of course, I actually somehow got lucky and managed to sneak into Shinryu's nest and steal his whiskers, so this just goes to show that these random numbers are really just that. They can end up leading to hilarious results, however.