Sudden Issues

A old friend of mine made a nice donation to the Fiesta. When I went to confirm it, I could not find the log of the tweet. A few minutes of checking this and that, I realized that the bot was not working at all. That slow realization that it was not the a problem with the computer being powered down, or the cron job but rather that Twitter's complete change over to 1.1 of its API and my lack of preparation, the bot had not been working for over a day.


Thankfully I was able to get in touch with a few people and that helped push me in the right direction which leading to me fixing it in a lot less time than I was expecting. The interesting part was that most of the problem was figuring out exactly what the problem was. It goes back to that whole thing about asking the right questions and being able to approach things from the right angles.

But! Thankfully the Fiesta will be on without a hitch. (I hope!)