A Final Fantasy

I watched two Final Fantasy videos today. This one and this one.

I realize one is a trailer meant to entice people to buy a game while the other is me slowly and steadily attempting to beat the game in a way that it was not intended. Drastically different things. I found it poignant because as I prepare to play FF5 again this weekend, I wonder if I will be playing Fifteen years from now. Maybe it will be a great game. Maybe it will be the best game I play the year it comes out. Maybe it will be the worst.

There are nine Final Fantasy games between the two. That is a lot of change. A lot of switching to evolve from one to the other. And I realized that while I may never get another FF game that offers what 5 did, there are games that are offering what 5 did. And maybe I could even put efforts to make one myself.

That is kind of inspiring. That is the kind of future I like.