Touching and Buttons

Even though I have only put a few hours into Shin Megami Tensei 4 so far, five to be exact, it reinforces to me how positive a combination of touch controls and buttons can be for video gaming. What works here is how it vastly increases the number of options I have for controlling the game. And in video games, role playing games especially, the menu systems can very much make or break the entire game.

Because if we break it down, SMT4 is not that drastically different from even the original. Yes, there are key differences as well as obvious progressions, but fundamentally what separates this game from the one twenty years ago is that it is so much easier to navigate and handle all that I need to handle. This eliminates pointless barriers to entry while still allowing for a difficult, and perhaps even allowing for more difficulty than would be reasonable with the older situation. The game becomes tough but fair. And I enjoy myself more. Not a bad tradeoff at all.