Will Walk For Coins

I looked over at my wife and she was fiddling with my 3DS. I was at a loss for words. Before I could ask what she was doing she said "I tried to run, but it failed." I looked at the screen and half of my party was dead. I was playing Shin Megami Tensei 4. I watched as the enemies made mince meat out of my remaining two characters.

Game over.

In older MegaTen games that would have been a decent amount of lost progress. Shin Megami Tensei 4 gives you an option. In game money, macca, or - and get this - Game Coins. That is correct, those 3DS system coins you get for walking around. Spend them (or your in game money) and you revive back where you were.

In an age where we are buying "energy" to allow ourselves to play games more, the idea that I could spend credits earned by physically walking around to continue is just utterly mind-blowing. (Is that sad? Maybe.) However, it ties in perfectly with a feature of the 3DS I had completely forgotten about. Most importantly, it makes me want to keep my 3DS on me more often and it keeps me from getting disheartened by a Game Over, especially when it is my fault.