Boss Frustration

The last few stages of the Rockman games have always been quite the challenge. I am finding one of the bosses in Rockman and Forte to be ridiculously so. Playing as Forte requires me to do a dash into a double jump and then if my fumbling fingers were not having enough trouble with that there are also these spinning balls that circle around you and whack into you frequently.


Watching that video makes it seem so much easier for Rockman to take out this boss. What makes this part doubly frustrating is that just one game prior in Rockman 8, player death meant a refill of all the sub-weapon energies. This was great for awful players like me who did not figure things out the first time and having to replay stages to get there with the right sub-weapon at 100% energy would probably take a few more times.

As much as Rockman 8 displeased me, that was one thing I really liked and sorely miss in Rockman and Forte.