subaku developer log 2013.05.28

I posted this video earlier, and it shows the big change to subaku for the next release: animation for tapping the tiles and bingos. In the video it is on the slowest setting, so you can actually speed up the transitions to where it almost takes no time at all.

When a tile becomes 0, it will disappear; when a tile increases it grows momentarily; when a tile decreases it shrinks. Matches will then now disappear together, but here is the key - you get to see that the numbers became what they did before the disappear. This is important for moments like the shuffle move where it can become confusing because everything happens instantaneously or almost instantaneously at the moment. The shuffle also causes the tiles to all tremble for a second, and it looks kind of cool. This is all thanks to CGAffineTransform which ends up being very simple and very sexy.

I also went and added a sound effect for when a bingo is made. I am playing with a few more ideas but I think this should be ready to submit in a few days after some very, very rigorous testing.