Rockman 8: So many changes

Rockman 8, excluding Rockman & Forte, is the last of the original Rockman games that I have not completed. It is quite the odd duck. First it is the only main Rockman game not on a Nintendo system of any sort. A little fanboyish to say, perhaps, but it is odd considering that the other nine games in the series are. That and Rockman & Forte is sort of a Rockman 8.5 that was made for, yup, a Nintendo sytem. If that was all that was weird about it, the game might not be so jarring.

Rockman 8-2013.05.23-05.34.47

One quick glance at the game makes it seem like it was a weird attempt to ninetiesify the series and bring it to the world of cartoons. Which makes sense as the series were always so cartoony. And really, a lot of it looks nice. But changing the iconic, so very iconic, life bars to bland yellow-with-shadow shafts just takes it too far and makes the whole cartoony aspect look like a cheap cash-in instead of an honest attempt to take the series in a new direction.

Rockman 8-2013.05.23-05.30.38

And then sweet Yuukichan's papa, the loading. I understand. Sega Saturn. The 90s. It was time for Klax and I am pretty sure that is German for loading. There are a few jarring moments like when you select the "I would like to save my progress." option (The problems I have been having with my Saturn's memory make me beg for a password system, but I digest.) you are briefly treated to a load screen. Utterly terrifying every single time because you know you wanted to save and you think Dangit, I accidently chose the wrong option!

The gameplay is pretty much Rockman so far which does not necessarily disappoint, but at the same time does not necessarily guarentee anything either.