A Little SaGa

Romancing SaGa has been my morning game since I beat Time Travellers a few days back. It is one heck of a challenge as it seems to come right at the cusp of the We have enough technology to do X, but the artform is not mature enough to do Y. It was a time of learning and developing. I like to think that the SaGa series is one big science experiment in the world of video games. There are so many wrong choices in the games and yet at the same time so many very, very right choices. I plan on delving into that more as I familiarize myself with the game more adequately, but it is such a bold example of throwing caution to the wind. Something that feels a bit more lost today as I watch the recap of the Xbox One unveiling, but one that I cannot really blame business types for. Not all games are art. Not all art is art. Nor should it be.

The thing that really got me was the above image. I found this while flipping through a guide I bought for this game way, way back. At first it was fairly shocking to see FUCK! in a Square licensed guide, but then again this was Japan in the nineties and also SaGa. It just seems to be so perfect.