Started playing Trails in the Sky: SC

I finished Time Travelers earlier this morning and then wa suddenly, like usual, in the mood to start something new. Yes, even though I am in the middle of a whole bunch of other games. It is just want I want to do as soon as I finish a game.

So, I booted up Trails in the Sky SC and I have to say so far I am really liking the story although I am finding myself just as frustrated with it as I was with FC. It starts you off deep into the system. Not much seems to have changed so far, although there is a combo system that I am not quite understanding why I would ever use. The battles are as tough, and fun, as they were before. I still only have two party members at the moment, which that being the standard for most of FC being my biggest problem with the game, but people tell me that I will soon have a full party, and that is what makes this series really shine, I think.

Well other than the dialogue. Which there is lots of. And it is pretty good.

I could have sworn there was a mini map system in FC and yet here I am getting lost in dungeons because there is no map to help me not be completely stupid. Well. There it is on the not-dungeon area. Completely helpful as that is a small area with not many options. Of course the big ol' forest where my dumb self gets completely lost and ends up wandering around for the good part of an hour? No map. Not that I am entirely complaining as I ended up getting Estelle to level 40 which is, I believe, the max she could be when transferring data over from FC. So then. It is kind of like I did that. I suppose.