Git This

Today I used git for the first time. I know, as a programmer I perhaps should probably already have eighty million lines of code in git repositories and I am probably some sort of a newbie or failure in the eyes of someone. Oh well. Anyway! I used git. And when my friend was going to git my code (ha?) there was a problem. The code could not be gitten. So I re-pushed and he re-pulled and there was a problem so he fixed it and then I pulled and then pushed and well, I screwed up somewhere and nothing would work entirely right anymore. Could not load the nib. The nib was there! Waiting to be loaded. Could not load the nib.

So I figured might as well redo that part of it anyway. Make it better the next time around. Stronger, faster, and so on. Turns out that something got goofy.

Yup. Look at that. Well then! Is that not weird. Somehow within all the pushing and pulling a large chunk of the files got their Target Membership revoked. They had to go shopping at Walmart, I suppose. Anyway, adding them back in and boom. Works. Great!

(Oh yeah, and I guess this is me stealth announcing that I am working on an OS X port of subaku. It should have a few new things. Look forward to it!)