subaku 1.2.2 gives the game some soul


Big news. Huge news. Amazing news. Are you ready?

Thanks to cooperation with Koopa Soundworks, subaku now proudly has a soundtrack made by the one and only Eirik Suhrke. Yes, that Eirik Suhrke, the composer known for his work on Spelunky, Super Crate Box, Hotline Miami and Ridiculous Fishing.

Wow. My game now has awesome music made by an awesome composer. My thanks go to him for composing the tracks, and I also have to give a huge thanks for Koopa Soundworks reaching out to me and helping me get work with Eirik in the first place.

The Internet really is amazing. One day I got a tweet from Mohammed who said "Hey, your game is cool. Let's work together and make it even cooler." Can you imagine that? Just a few simple keystrokes and a person in an entirely different part of the world from me got me in contact with someone from a third part of the world and then all together we worked to make something really cool.

I was always super proud of my work on subaku but now I am even happier with the product. If you have already bought subaku, the update is now available for you. Enjoy the tunes. If you have not, I hope youw ill check it out.

(A note: Eirik also composed a sound set for the game, along with the background tracks. If you buy subaku and install it now, it will be the default sound set. If you have already been playing it, you will have to go into settings and change the notes to the "soulbaku" set to hear the awesome notes that Eirik made for the game.)

subaku - Eric Koziol