Games Beaten in April, 2013

2013.04.04: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Replay) 2013.04.21: Another World

Hmm. Not a whole lot! I did, however, spend a fair chunk of time progressing through LIVE-A-LIVE, which is fantastic. There was also a bit of me trying to get back into DQ7 and yet, once again, letting my 3DS run out of batter or allowing my son to touch my 3DS or just general me being dumb and losing progress. I am trying to be more careful now. Time Travelers is my current to go on the Vita and will hopefully get through that soon.

Replaying ALttP was poignantly timing as there is a sequel, of all things, coming next year. Interesting. I had forgotten so much about the game itself, that it really once again proves to me the pure joys of replaying games.

Another World was a frustratingly unique experience that I am glad I dug into. It feels like I finally watched one of those classic movies that movie buffs would sob violently about when I said I had never seen it. I feel like a better gamerperson.