Rising Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was a fun game. I played it on Easy because I wanted to complete it quickly, and I would say I did in under five hours. As soon as I finished it I wanted to replay it again. It gave me very much the same feeling that I had when I played Metal Gear Solid 2. I may not have entirely understood what was going on in the story, but the blend of it and the gameplay made an event that will not be forgotten.

I played Metal Gear Solid 2 on a 13" TV in my college dorm. The TV sat atop a dresser cabinet and next to it chugged what would be one of many Playstation 2 consoles that I would own. The rooftop fight at the end of the game was one of the most enjoyable things I had ever played. Rising: Revengeance ended up being five solid hours of that joy. Rising could very well end up being one of those games that I throw into my system on a rainy afternoon where I have nothing better to do. That is the perfect type of game.

That very well could be my big problem with a lot of my favorite games. Unlike a movie, I cannot sit down and play Final Fantasy 7 from start to end in a moving. I could watch Advent Children, however I try to limit the pain I put myself through on purpose to a distinct minimum. This is something that gives ""short"" games like Rising a proper place in the world. While I may still like FF7 more (Shh.) the chances of me sitting down and plowing through Rising in an evening are much higher.