subaku 1.1 has been submitted!

I just submitted version 1.1 of subaku to Apple for review. The big update is it becoming a universal app. When playing on the iPad you can also rotate it to play it horizontally. Depending on which way you do, the numbers will either be on the left or right side. For your comfort.

There are also a few minor fixes such as making sure the text says you mastered a puzzle if you get a score lower than the target. (This is not possible on all puzzles, only a few. Search them out!)

Also, when tweeting those puzzle scores that you beat the target score on, currently it says the wrong puzzle. That is fixed as well.

Before the sounds were played using the system alert method, meaning they would not obey the volume of your device. That has been fixed.

And lastly I played around with the color scheme a bit. I am a tad happier than I was now, but I still have not found the perfect font for the numbers. Still working on that.

Usually takes about a week for updates to go live, but it could be less. I will be letting you know.

Thanks for playing!