A simple question

Dragon Quest 7 opens with a simple question. "Did you tell anyone we were coming here?"

How do you answer? Did you tell anyone? No, you probably did not. So the answer is "No" right? Or do you think, "Wait, I do not know what this character did. How am I supposed to answer this question?" Will the player be made a liar based on a lack of information? Is it a lie in that case?

It is obvious when thought of, but how many relationships actually start with a question? Most, right? Sure, newly born family members usually don't get asked a question, but we ask people stuff all the time. Dragon Quest VII starts off by getting into your head. Do you see yourself as the main character or are you just guiding him around, watching

The answer to this question changes the game minimally, just a few lines of text differ (I believe, someone please correct me if I am wrong). The story proceeds either way, whether or not the player told the truth or whether or not they lied about the truth. It is the heart of "role" playing, however, and it shows the brilliance that Dragon Quest offers. It is impossible to "lose" for choosing "wrong" here. Much like in life when it comes to these sorts of situations. Things will change, of course. There is actual loss in life and in Dragon Quest. However there is no fundamental "loss".

Not that you can really "lose" in Dragon Quest. You just keep trying. Or you give up. But Dragon Quest wants you to keep trying and as a ten year plus "language learner" the lessons Dragon Quest teach, intended or not, are quite resounding.