Rockman the sixth and seventh

After Rockman 5 restored my faith in the series, I mean 4 is really that bad, 6 was even more of a pleasant surprise. The stages not only had solid variety, but I the secrets and searching for alternate routs in order to get the four pieces for BEAT were a nice touch as well.

The different way of handling Rush's powers, however, was really what sold the game for me. Having reusable utility powers added a twist that hadn't been really seen since the slide mechanism had been added in 3. There was a bit of emphasis on exploration that was inserted into the game. Not too much, but enough to be a nice little twist.

Rockman 7 was enjoyable up until the very end. I wanted to toss my Super Famicom off the desk several times as I tried to take down Wily. Sweet merciful Capcom they were not as that boss was a pure madhouse event. It took several tries to get to the last boss with decent health and all four energy tanks in tow.

Before that was pretty sweet, though. I liked the stages and the general "chunkiness" that the new art brought to the series. It was, however, not as smooth feeling as the X series. Saying it controlled bad would be a lie, however I supposed I was used to the more blisteringly fast speed that X has when compared to Rock.

Now I only need to find a copy of 8. Strangely, I don't really feel a desire to replay 9 or 10.