Adventure Lost

I am getting old.

It was a warmish winter day. I had taken off from work since I had no classes to teach and I never burn through all of my vacation days anyway. It was a bit before noon and I went out with my son for a walk.

Or, I should say, the intent was a walk but he seemed to want to ride on his tricycle instead. Not a problem, I thought as I put him in it and began to push him around the block. Since it was a fairly sunny day, I decided to take a different route on a whim. I pushed his trike down towards the local elementary school, the one he will be attending if we continue to live in this area by the time he reaches that age.

On the way we passed by students going home. First day of the new semester means there is just a school meeting, some cleaning and going home. It's why my employer doesn't particularly mind me taking off these days, in fact they prefer it as opposed to any other. Many of the students commented on how cute my son is. Several commented on how we were foreign. No bother. Truths are truths.

Before we even made it to the school, I was getting a bit tired and my son was getting a bit bored. I crossed the road and began to head back. My choice of road sides was less than optimal as little insects were flying around the bushes we went past. I sped along.

A bit further I saw what looked like a child's bag on the grass. Upon further inspection, it was a Pokémon themed cloth bag. Spilling out of it were several manga porno magazines and a Playstation 2 game whose title I couldn't see.

I paused for a moment and glanced at the bag and the assorted smut. That's all I did, however.

Did my sense of adventure die? Am I more concerned for the well being of my son? What could possibly have been in the bag that would have been dangerous? I didn't even take a photograph to prove that this oddity was really there. I just pushed on, slightly intimidated by the idea that perhaps it was some perverse trap of sorts.

What could it have been, though? A kid's stash that he (she?) had collected from an older sibling or from other's garbage? Then afraid of being caught they dumped it? Why the Playstation 2 game of all things?

My mind races with all sorts of possibilities and stories of why or what could have been the reasoning behind all of this. Yet I'll never know.