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Is Mega Man 1 bad, stupid or simply crazy making?

It is weird going back to this game once again after having recently played 2. When I was a child, there was a time where my brothers and I believed there was no original Mega Man game because we could not find it in stores. We had 2, and 3 I believe, but 1 was just not something we ever found. We got it eventually and I remember having brought the NES to my grandparents' house and just dying over and over again on Guts Man's stage.

I still die over and over there to this very day.

The jump between the first and second game in this series is marvelous. It's almost inconceivable just how much better it is.  Mega Man 1 feels so sloppy and awkward. It is, I dare say, one of the very few NES games where its sequel is not weird and considered the "bad one". (Seriously, think about it. SMB2, Zelda 2, Final Fantasy 2, Castlevania 2. There are probably more I am forgetting.)

There are so many parts to this game that are so weird and out of place. Points, to start. Guts Man's ability is another wonky one. The M-bar (What does that M even stand for.) that is used for platforming around. There was a point that I don't even remember but there were regenerating energy up items because it is impossible to progress unless you have enough M-bar power.

Weird, weird game.