Beating Simon's Quest

Beating a game that I could not as a child is a hell of a thrill. It calms some inner unrest — not the gravest of unrests, sure. It still feels really nice. Why? I'd imagine because goals are promises. An uncompleted goal is essentially a promise that feels broken, especially if you are not working towards it.

Sure, video games. But whatever. Really, whatever. We cannot afford the time to sit and judge the goals of others, or ourselves, so strictly. If we really want to beat a video game and decide to do it, it feels good when we do. Sure, this implies that blah blah blah the necessary parts of our lives are being taken care of but when it comes to hobbies do we really need to not have them or not take them quote unquote seriously? I mean, there has to be an extent to where we take our fun seriously.


I beat Simon's Quest yesterday. That was a game that I rented several times as a child — never owned — and nearly went mad trying to beat. The townsfolk lie to you? Kneel for five seconds in front of certain places holding gems in order to proceed? Find out hints that disappear from the screen real quick? Oh yeah. This game isn't that great but it is interesting because it was so different.

So,I used a FAQ. I almost felt shame but I used a Japanese FAQ, so I was learning. Feel less bad about that.

Even then, it was really neat to read about it and then go through the motions to make the video game be completed. The FAQ I read was designed to get the best ending — and yet I didn't. I didn't because my skills were not up to snuff. However, I was still able to make my hands — via my brain — go through the necessary motions to beat the game. That had some tricky parts.

The bosses were not those parts.

The game however is eerie as fuck. The last stage has no enemies and honestly the challenge there was getting through it without urinating myself. Since there was nothing I expected anything. Or everything. The monster behind the door is scarier than the monster itself.

Dracula took me all of a minute and change to beat, but going up to that point was pure terror. There was absolutely nothing. It was quite frightening. The game wasn't exactly challenging — and I managed to rip out a large portion of the challenge by using a FAQ. However it was still completely satisfying.

And I beat it. I completed the game. It felt really good. It felt a long time coming.