All of my characters in Bravely Default are level 99. Every single job has hit level 14. The fact that I managed to do this is a story in and of itself, but that the game doesn't feel like I'm just pressing A at this point feels like a testament to some high quality stuff being done in this game.

In Final Fantasy 5 the Freelancer job ended up being very powerful late game because it could pretty much do anything. It also got more powerful the more jobs you mastered. Bravely Default has it so that the Freelancer job does get more powerful but not in an unbalanced matter. There are still some tradeoffs to actually using that job as opposed to others.

You can't assign two skills to it like you could in FF5. That is a huge thing. Freelancers actually do have skills this time around, however. There is so much balance going on.

Really, this game does feel so very balanced. All the jobs offer something and with the way it handles command and passive skills, Bravely Default allows for some interesting customization. In this, my first play-through, I am making use of some very powerful combinations to try to get everything in the game completed.

Only time will tell if this is a game that will be stretchable just like FF5. My initial hunch based on the way that jobs are acquired is maybe not. That doesn't make it a bad game, or hurt my enjoyment of it in anyway, I should note. However unlike FF5 I felt driven to hit the absolute maximum level on everything my first play through.

That, to me, says something fairly powerful.