Good by, Data

I'd start off with a Star Trek reference, but I never watched it. Well, except for that movie where Kirk kicked a guy in his knee testicles.

That kind of stuff sticks with you.

Playing on the iPhone is unfortunately convenient. Unfortunate because a lot of the things I really want to play are not on it. The iPhone's memory management also has a hand in this.

It kills running apps to make room for more stuff you want to run. It keeps some stuff going and allows for some kind of state suspension but eventually some apps get kicked down. Now, that's fine for most apps but when it's a game, progress can be lost.

This has happened many, many times to me with Shin Megami Tensei.  I've lost so much progress in this game because I got a phone call or had to go somewhere and forgot to get back to the game and do the quick save before it got buried in the ass end of my application queue.

So I'll admit a chunk of it is my fault.

But with my admittedly relatively amateur work in iOS programming, keeping these saves doesn't seem impossible. Perhaps more of a hassle when you are porting a game instead of making it fresh, but still something that should be doable.

Lost progress is one of the more frustrating things in gaming; even more so when it is not your fault.