Wii U

I done went ahead and did it. I got a new Nintendo. Truth be told, I haven't had all that much time to crack at the lovely little machine. What time I have had, however, has been quite pleasant. I had heard many horror stories of bricked machines, slow and unstable downloads and crashing software. I had none of those experiences thus far.

What I have had is a darn good time messing around with Miiverse and New Super Mario Bros. U. Even my wife and I enjoyed some of the cooperative play using the Gamepad to create the assistance blocks. As for the game itself – it's Mario. But it's been just long enough (I didn't play New Super Mario Bros. 2.) that a Mario game is exactly what I needed.

Perhaps lowered expectations really do amazing things. I thought the system would be so much slower than it actually is. Yes, it is much slower than I'd like it. I can personally tolerate it, but I feel that might slightly be attributed to believing that it is going to be made better. If it is still this slow months from now, I may not show the same patience.

At the moment I can't say I regret going with the basic pack. I've never filled a hard drive on a video game system, I don't need the stands, and that extra ¥5000 went right into NSMBU. I feel I'll likely be using the system as a replacement Wii (Mine suffered from the black dot, burnt out video card syndrome) for the time being. Since I am figuratively flooding in good video games at the moment, I am totally okay with that.