Phantom Blood Anime

With the first nine episodes of the JoJo anime over, Phantom Blood is wrapped up. I loved the whole thing. I think low expectations may have had a bit to do with that, however.

I had not watched anime for quite some time before this. It wasn't a slag on the "genre" as a whole – man do I hate the idea that it's one genre – but more so just a general apathy towards television and movies in general. Even as I watch JoJo every week, I try to get into other shows, but I can't.

I'm either very picky, or there is something special about this.

As much as I enjoyed it, however, it is blindingly obvious now that I am further along in the manga just how basic this part was. I'm told I'm not even close in the manga to where it gets to the point where JoJo really makes it truly unique debut, but I'm very excited to get there.

I hope that they get to keep on making more and more episodes. It's truly enjoyable. I even bought an $8, one disc track in hopes that somehow, my littlest of support will mean this show gets to keep being produced.

It feels good to have something to watch again.