Bravely Default Chapter 5

Spoiler warning.

Chapter 5 in Bravely Default is kind of crazy. I have the itching feeling that it was a bad choice because lots of gamers probably would hate it. Repeat content in games often feels like padding, especially in an RPG.

However what they have done here is gone and created a boss rush chapter in an RPG. It's not the first time, I'm sure. (Although to be honest, I am sort of having trouble remembering any that did this.) The fact that most of it seems option but adds to the story is nice. I intend to do the entire chapter as Bravely Default is the first game in a long time I just want to get and do every single little thing in.

It feels so very appropriate for this game since it relies so much upon a Final Fantasy like job system. Now that I'm at this part in the game, all these bosses (who are also stronger than they were the first time around) can be tackled in entirely different ways with all the various skills that I have unlocked. I've said it once before but it bears repeating now that Square-Enix makes some of my favorite boss battles in video games. Bravely Default has been no exception.

The other thing that is pleasant about this "Boss Rush" is that it is generally pretty darn easy to get to the fights. The first time around it took much more time, and understandably so, but in this chapter I am just participating in boss fight after boss fight.

I'm loving it.