I'm more embarrassed to speak Japanese in front of other non-native Japanese speakers than I am native speakers.

It's weird. I won't pretend this is a phenomena exclusive to learning Japanese, but it really seems people who are also learning (or have reached higher levels of) Japanese are really critical of other learners. I remember making a thread on a forum about methods for studying Japanese and I gave an example – an example – of a question I got wrong. One of the first replies to the thread is "How could you get that word wrong? You should know that by heart already."

I encounter this often. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but there seems to be so much more bite when a non-native Japanese speaker comments on what I write or say. It's not correction for the sake of being helpful, but it's correction to show how very wrong the other person is and how much better and right the corrector is. There seems to be such a level of competition when really, aren't we all just looking to be able to communicate and consume in the Japanese language?

Hell, I may have done it myself or I may have come off as doing that without even intending. I won't pretend I'm some saint. However, it really bugs me how it feels like there is some attempt to make a competition out of something that has no value, no gain whatsoever, by being competitive.