Memories of Movies I Have Never Seen: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I don't watch many movies.

I remember going to my grandparents' home for some reason, perhaps the holidays, and on the television was a man reaching his hand into the chest of another man. He then pulled out the heart and it caught on fire for some reason.

I'm not sure how old I was, but that haunted me for a few good years.

It pilled up in my head as one of those memories I wish I could have removed. You know, by having your head opened up and the little cracker of a television that represented that memory just plucked out and you're good. Not entirely unlike one of the final scenes of Hannibal, a movie I wish I could completely forget I ever watched.

From that moment on, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom always made me think what riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disney World would be like if it was located in a deeper part of hell than Florida. Mostly dark reds and browns and sadness. Sixteen some years later when I did finally go to Disney World, I was very happy to leave that ride with my heart still in my chest.

I guess that means there is a mine cart scene? Perhaps I saw more of the movie than I remember. Still, when it comes to "horrible things that my mind feels like teasing with when I'm alone in the dark", that scene is one of the top ten candidates.

Rating: ♡ out of 5
Likeliness I'll ever watch it to completion: None.