I hate spoilers. I feel a heightened lack of interest in something if I know any main plot points. There are many movies which I just don't want to watch because I already know key events. Watching the "100 greatest moments in movies" didn't exactly make me want to watch more movies. But I'm starting to feel as if I like little bits of knowledge.

Before I started reading JoJo I always heard people saying "オラオラオラ...", "ザ•ワルド" and "やれやれだぜ" in reference to it. As I slowly come across these things in the manga I feel a sense of excitement. I know something is coming but not when. I begin to understand and appreciate things that were a complete mystery to me prior.

Which makes me think about all those movies I won't see because I was "spoiled". How much of those spoilers really mattered in some cases? Maybe as much as I feared but maybe much, much less.