Thankfully we have lava boots

Volcanos are often visited in video games. Of course they are rarely – if ever – friendly like Mt. Fuji and instead very hot, with tiles that can take away your hit points if you step on them. Some days I wonder how many hit points I have. Total.

Bravely Default has a volcano area. I guess that's not original but I suppose it beats works because I understand that a volcano is a hot thing where my ice magic might come in handy. I think one of the enemies was weak to lightning, however, and that threw me for a heck of a loop. I guess it would be silly to reside there if you were particularly susceptible to heat. But why is anyone living in a volcano anyway.

I assume the rent is fairly low.

This was one of the harder dungeons in the game so far. It hasn't precisely been easy, but any fears that I had been over-leveling were thrashed quite repeatedly. It's one thing that the fights were fairly frequent and the enemies were heavy hitters but the main thing was that my resources were not keeping up with the pressure that was being applied. I used a lot of potions. I had to retreat out of the dungeon once to go stay at the inn.

When was the last time that I had to do that in an RPG that did not taut itself as a "hardcore" game? I have a feeling it has been quite a while.

I've said it before (and I'll say it again) this game feels like a "lost Final Fantasy" between six and seven. It really is hitting a spot that I didn't know I needed to be hit. Or maybe I knew, but was afraid to admit it.