Parenting has given me the opportunity to do things I never thought I would. Even though you know you're going to clean up poop for a few years, you never really think about the extent and varieties of feces that you'll encounter.

But enough about shit.

The boy has a runny nose at the moment. Tissues are not very useful on an infant because they won't blow their nose. I had seen the device pictured above many times in the drawer but I have never used it. Getting desperate to help the little guy have some relief, I took it out, squeezes it and shoved it up his nose. (Gently, of course.)

Wow, it's gross.

Because what happens is obvious - but I never thought about it. After the suction sound finishes there is just an utterly large glob of mucous that got pulled out of the nose. Almost instantly I could hear his breathing improve. A few more gentle tries and he was so much better I'd almost say it was magic.

Which is really a big part about parenting that is constantly so bizarre to me. All of these things  are so obvious. So much things that I "know" but never actually put any real though into and end up being surprised as the end result. "Seeing is believing." but again, even that is something that as much as we may say and "understand" it can still throw us for a loop.