Bravely Default's Menus

I've been playing a lot of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

One thing that really bugs me about the game is that there are twelve buttons along with slide pad and a touch screen and yet not all of them are in use. It doesn't need them, of course. And that is very much a good thing. Keeps it simple.

But on the other hand it is a missed opportunity to help gamers play more comfortably. Assigning R to use a Brave, or make the Brave/Default options tappable on a part of the touch screen would have saved me a good chunk of time. It would have taken away the oh so slight resistance I get from having to drill down through the menus each round.

I still do it. It's too fun not to do it.

Having recently beaten Rain-slick 3, this seems like an interesting difference. On iOS there are no buttons - obviously - and yet that can cause quite a few troubles there. I still had to dig through menus and now the tiny buttons made for a few mistakes here and there - something that never happens to me in Bravely Default. This is obviously the case because they didn't want to recode the entire thing for touch screens. It sufficed, but it wasn't great.

I wonder if there is a reason these kinds of things are often ignored. is it a case of the menus generally being "good enough" or is there some other aspect that I'm missing from having optional shortcuts being available through all the unused buttons.?