Today's Roderick on the Line talks about depression.

A lot of it resonates with me (the whole 'guy hanging around talking everything down' part made a lot of sense) but especially the part about sitting in the doctor's office and not really believing or understanding what was being said when, by the doctor's admission, I was 'diagnosed' with general anxiety disorder.

I remember thinking "I don't want you telling me what i have or what drug I can take. I want to know what I can do as a human being to cope, to expand and to be normal again." Of course I was to anxious to say anything like that.

I don't know if it's an "I don't want to believe it." thing or a "That can't happen to me!" thing, but even as I slowly began to come to terms with the idea that these things such as depression and anxiety disorders, ADHD and its flavors were real things and not excuses, I still kept the "Well, maybe other people have it, but I'd just be using it as an excuse." 

And then they started talking about what essentially comes down to "Just do it." An advertising slogan that was staring me in the face most of my youth and my desire to rebel against the normality of sports caused me to miss one of the biggest pieces of useful advice out there.

I started translating almost a year ago. The only thing that was stoping me from doing it was my not doing it. Even my Japanese skill - and really who cares what the level is I can either do what I need to do or I can't - isn't something that my thinking about has really ever helped. The doing is what helped and I need to refocus on more doing.

It's a great episode this week. A lot of "common sense" but we all know the lines about common sense. Give it a listen.