There is a police officer at an intersection on one of the routes that I take to work. I realize that he stands there because of the children. It's a bit of a dangerous intersection by an elementary school. Makes sense.

However the way permission is granted in this situation makes me feel a tad odd.

He gives a look like "Now you may pass." Which is great, but my thoughts are why should I trust another person with my safety when it comes to driving? I still look and confirm that it is safe myself. I don't want to develop any dangerous driving habits.

I encounter a lot of security guard types who are navigating drivers in and out of parking lots. It's nice in a way because people are generally dicks and will never let anyone go. This ends up delaying so many people that it's almost a bit frustrating how selfish one would be for 15 seconds of their own time, when they are probably instilling mannerisms that will cost them well more than 15 seconds other times in their life.

It's a weird balance.

On the other hand, it just feels sad that we need these people in general. It's sad that we in general cannot be trusted to stop at hard to see intersections, to let other people get through to the parking lot or leave the parking lot in a reasonable amount of time. That we become so self focused that we cannot even see the situations of the other drivers around us.

I could probably talk all day about how I dislike driving.