Bleep Bloop Blorp

Listening to the first SQ Chips album has really sparked a retro bug. It also reminded me that I quite liked FF13's soundtrack.


I went to a game bar in Osaka last year and a customer was playing Romancing SaGa 3. Since then I've really wanted to sit down and get into that game. But I haven't. The main problem with being an RPG fan over the past few years is the utter time commitment I am asking myself. I'm in the middle of so many, unwilling to give up on some I know I probably won't beat and unwilling to play ones I really want to because other games remain unbeaten.

But I digest.

I can't get over how amazing this album is. I've been playing it on loop for well over a week now, which is about how long it usually takes for me to get sick of one entirely. It's such an amazing blend of old and new. It really, really makes me realize how much I love Chrono Trigger and I am even more excited to get to my yearly play-through of it

Backlog, eh?