Thank Kawazu it's portable


Actually, I doubt Kawazu had any hand in the Dragon Quest 7 3DS decision.

But wow!

I still have my Dragon Warrior 7 save. 140 hours, I believe although I could go confirm it. It's there. It's one of the few games I have put that many hours into. (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Monster Hunters both Portable 3rd and TriG being others I can think of meeting or breaking that number.)

I know I play games a bit slower than others so perhaps that's not the norm. The game is so meaty, however, and I've really been wanting to replay it so a portable version just seems absolutely divine.


And now I'm wondering when or if I'm getting a Wii U.

It's not particularly odd or strange that a big game like this made me think about this. My Dragon Quest X stint shows that it's just so hard for me to get console gaming time in right now. To top of there isn't anything that I really want for the Wii U at launch, I guess I might just pass. This makes me feel all grown up and adult like.