I've been working a lot more than I have been gaming or even spending time with my family. It's not the way I'd like things to be but sometimes responsibilities pull you in directions for a while. I hope to be able to push back in a bit, but I'm so swamped at the moment it is mind blowing to me.

Of course, I am very much likely not nearly as busy as some people are. On top of that my work isn't exactly physically intensive so it is not as if I am being torn apart physically. Although in that case I might lose a few extra pounds.

I started up this site with the intention of talking about things other than myself. Talking about things in less than vague terms, which is where i seemed to have flown already. But I think writing at this point, even if it is about absolutely nothing, is more important to maintaining it than worrying about the quote unquote content. 

I am currently at the point in my translation skills that when I work on something I am all but consumed by it. Everything else seems to suffer because I am so intensely focused on making the best possible product that I can. I do, however, feel that over the past year, and what a short period of time that is in the whole scope of things, that I have become better at handling this.

One thing that I have started doing, especially with my current project, is handling how I take breaks. Before I would find myself drifting off towards Twitter or Facebook when my mind wasn't currently at its best to focus at the work at hand. This time, however, i have kept a volume of JoJo near my computer and when my mind starts to wander, I put the translation down and pick up the manga.

I'm still "goofing around" but I'm goofing around in a way that I want to. Okay, I didn't spend 10 minutes of that hour working but I did spend it reading a manga I want to read. I feel an even strong sense of progress in all my goals.