It has been something I have wanted to do for a while and have only gotten into it this past year. It seems each month I have been challenging some sort of translation project that is bigger and more ambitious than the last. I have been successful so far with each one.

Of course there are missteps and mistakes made. I've had to go back and fix things here and there. It happens. I completely understand the artist who sees their own work and winces at all that is not right with it. I wonder if that is not in and of itself what makes one an artist. Being able to critique one's own work and say "No, there is more to be done with work."

That of course may also be the artist's downfall.

Harnessing the productive feelings here is difficult. I do believe that seeing room for improvement in my work is absolutely necessary for improvement. Thinking I am better than I am will only impede real progress. The key is not to let it turn into stress that prevents me spending time on actually improving.

I'm getting better at that. It's quite difficult. Working through Getting Things Done has helped me focus on the idea of the time and place for things. When I'm walking with my son to buy a snack for my wife and I, there is no time to be thinking about work. That is time to one hundred percent focus on my son and I.

Is that what brought up this idea of "multitasking"? We have all these things in front of us – computers are particularly dangerous about empowering this – and find ourselves "working" on so many things that nothing gets really done. Or at least at the level we'd like them to. 

We're only really working on one thing at a time. Ever. Might as well make it the best one for the moment. That moment will soon be gone.