Once again

Mega Man II. Chrono Trigger. Final Fantasy V. Symphony of the Night. These are all games that I have replayed more times together than unique games I have played to completion. Likely. It's a possibility. I don't feel like doing the math.

Replaying a game is a heck of a time investment. Even if you're a speedrunner and can do a game faster than anyone else, that means you've spent a significant amount of time training to that point.  Learning to speedrun a game and becoming the best, in a sense, at a game has tempted me for a while. It's such a compelling idea to get to know a game so intimately.

Instead I find myself playing many games, trying to get a taste of everything. My list of "currently playing" is ridiculous. Letting go of that, admitting some games will never get completed is something I need to wrestle with. On one hand, it is a hobby that needs not be treated so seriously. On the other I find enjoyment in the treating of the hobby in a serious manner.