And the cycle is complete

I haven't played DQX for more than a month.

I feel kind of silly for having played it. I knew this was going to happen. It has happened to every single MMO that I have played. I started it. I had a real good time. I played every day for a month. I paid for a bit of description. Something came up. I didn't play for a few days. Another game came out. Now it sits as a bit of a guilt. Something I will "get back to soon".

What is the allure of this genre? The community? Being able to play with people? Making new friends? All of these things and more. It's not even the money that I really worry about. It's the time. It's the commitment of having to put all of my game time into one and only one game. Yet I want to experiment. I want to have many different experiences.

Maybe I will actually boot DQX up again. Maybe I won't. Maybe the next time an MMO comes out that I kind of have interest in, I'll be stronger.

Or maybe I'll let go of the guilt and realize that I had fun. Lots of fun. I don't have to finish every game. Letting go is okay too. It's not wasted time because I enjoyed it. It's not wasted money because I enjoyed the time spent.