8: "French for Good Gravy" with Shaun Musgrave

This episode's guest is Shaun Musgrave.
Talking points include:

  • A hot take on Nintendo's localization methods.
  • Being angry at Sony.
  • At least Microsoft is cool?
  • Remember Zookeeper? Also, getting old.
  • Shaking and moving.
  • Eric did a bad thing.
  • Upgraded consoles.
  • Theatrhythms of all kinds.
  • Eric did a fun thing.
  • Black cats delivering things.
  • Ducktales
  • Mobile Final Fantasy
  • Lots, and lots of Bravely Default mixed with some Bravely Second chat mixed in.

You can find Shaun on Twitter at @shaunmusgrave and writing for Touch Arcade, Mediacraft and his own blog Post Game Content. You can also support Shaun via Patreon.