2014/12/18 23:00

Happy 25th, FL (two years later)

Update: Like any sitcom husband, I goofed. Final Fantasy released twenty seven years ago yesterday. I just have SaGa’s anniversary on the brain, I suppose.

I was just thinking “Huh? Didn’t I just write a birthday greeting to my beloved Final Fantasy?” And I did. It was, strangely appropriately, a year ago. What with anniversary dates rarely changing and all that. I suppose it’s not so much that a person forgets that their lover’s birthday is a certain date, but they forget that today is that certain date. Unaware of your surroundings because of the busy lives. Maybe tomorrow son. Planes to catch and cats to put in cradles.

Anyway, so I bought FFEX and I got the 3D version of Final Fantasy and that seems like a beautiful way to celebrate the birthday of this series. And I’m still playing Record Keeper. And since Winter Vacation is just beginning next week I will be fulfilling my promise of playing Final Fantasy Tactics. This series is so ver much a part of my life and I love it for it.

So more so than “Happy twenty five years!”, here’s to another year of gaming enjoyment.

2014/12/17 12:00

Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.12.17

Bunch of interesting facts this week.

Wii U VC

Mega Man Battle Network 3 (GBA): ¥702 (¥1450 in box on Suruga-ya)
Okay, so titling this game Battle Network 3 is kind of a lie since that game doesn’t quite exist. There were Blue and White releases in the NA and Europe, bringing the series to a Pokémon-like experience. So that makes this the original version. Except…

Mega Man Battle Network 3 BLACK (GBA): ¥702 (¥1710 in box on Suruga-ya)
This is the bug-fixed, extra-content-toting, improved version. Released a little more than four months after the original version so I have to assume those bugs were fairly serious, but it warrants some more research.

Digital Champ: Battle Boxing (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥340 cart-only on Suruga-ya)
In 20XX a mutant boxes against clones and robots because that’s what it takes to be the Digital Champ.

Moto Roader (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥590 cart-only, ¥777 complete on Suruga-ya)
Stare into the NA cover of Moto Roader and realize that you are the road.

Castlevania (MSX): ¥823
So. Simon’s Quest seems weird and a bit “Where did that come from after the side scrolling Castlevania?” Except the MSX version of Castlevania apparently released a month after the NES version and had a bit of that design which we now lovingly call “Metroidvania”.

2014/12/16 23:00

Are you ready for some football?

I had no idea MST3K episodes were on Netflix until it suggested me the Laserblast episode. I knew of the YouTube compilation but had never seen this episode. I am in pain now from the laughter. It was so damn good.

The ending of the episode? Holy shit. I understood the reference. The bulk of the jokes in this episode went over my head but the delivery made them shine. The ending though? Without having seen the film 1 that they were parodying, I would have been completely lost. Having just seen it though, hot damn. It was great. I’m starting to understand why getting a taste of these cultural artifacts is so helpful for being able to genuinely enjoy more.


  1. 2001
2014/12/15 23:00

MISHWLAWIHMT: Big Trouble in Little China

Had I blinked I may have missed most of this one. The biggest gain from having watched this film is finally knowing where that GIF is from. I’d say I enjoyed the film, but I’m not entirely sure that I completely understood it. Perhaps I’m looking for too much, but it feels like a spoof of a set of films that I lack a deep understanding of. It would be a lie to say that obfuscated enjoyment, however it did leave me feeling a bit confused and maybe more so if it gave me any time to think.

Probably wouldn’t watch it again, but I did genuinely enjoy it.

2014/12/14 23:00

What I Played Last Week – 2014.12.14

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Vanille is the current event character to unlock and I found getting her to be the easiest so far. Each time has been easier, which I could credit to my party getting stronger. However, with the type of game Record Keeper is, the idea that they could be playing with the underlying statistics so that it’s easier each time is not far fetched. Mind you, getting characters is not a luck-based endeavor. In Vanille’s case it is just a matter of getting enough of a certain stone from fighting battles.


I read some dialogue boxes this week. Mmm.

Shadowgate (IIgs)

Being extra careful with my saves, I managed to crunch through this in under an hour. It’s practically the same as the NES version, however there just seems to be ways where instead of getting a game over, you can completely screw over the save and need to start again. I said it before, but the lack of music really does take away something from this version.

Rogue Legacy

I had no idea how close I was to finishing this. The attic boss was giving me a lot of trouble and I could not find a character and equipment set that worked for me. So I did a lot of gold farming to get stat upgrades and all the skills to farm gold better. Then I just ended up beating the game. I was surprised since I haven’t even collected blueprints for half of the equipment. All runes were found, albeit not unlocked. I don’t know if I’ll be challenging the harder version of the castle just yet.

2014/12/14 19:46

Imperial SaGa brings beautiful sadness to your browser →

Gaaaah, what is this! Square Enix is bringing us a new SaGa in the year 2015’s most popular gaming console – your browser! Buh. (Let’s hope this logic is not applied to Dragon Quest 11.)

The video they showed at least makes it look like an actual game instead of the sweaty link mess that is Emperors SaGa. And the art! Sweet goodness, it looks so nice! Sigh. The stream is still running as I write this, and excitement is low, but maybe something will get announced?

2014/12/13 23:00

[rainblocks development retrospective] 15: Leveling up

– Added level singleton
– Added level leaderboards

Adding levels also allowed for the introduction of leaderboards for each level. These are time based leaderboards for how fast players complete one of the stages. Sure, starting out on a level means there would be a bit of a bonus in remaining time and starting with a rainbow. The rhythm is not there, however, nor can you hop into a level far ahead with a big combo from the previous level.

So I’d like to think it balances out, particularly since the stage select is available as part of the ad-removal In App Purchase.

2014/12/13 14:00

All that glitters does not fade

rogue_legacy_dead_2014.12.13Most of my deaths in Rogue Legacy are greed based.

Well, greed and old habits. When an enemy drops something in a game, it must be grabbed as soon as possible, right? If not, it will start to blink and then it’s gone. No loot for you, fair player. That is not the case in Rogue Legacy, thankfully, as enemies and objects can drop lots and lots of gold. But it is such a common occurrence in games that my instincts are to grab first. Which is not a good idea when there is plenty of time to get it later.

I love when games force me to examine playing habits that have formed over the years. I don’t, however, love how much I’m dying in Rogue Legacy, but it sure does make one want to improve.

2014/12/13 01:19

Damn Rogue Legacy

Well, I just spent three hours on Rogue Legacy in the blink of an eye. I was frustrated for a good while with the game but tonight I finally got a run that earned me over ten thousand gold and that seemed to push me over the hump.

Now I’m unlocking something every run again and have collected all of the runes. My characters are level 101 and although I cannot yet take on the boss of the… What is the word they use for the attic part of the castle? The fireball boss. I can’t beat it, but I can make it that far, so it shouldn’t be much longer.