2015/05/04 23:00

Another day of watching

Yesterday was the first “trial” for me out in the open without any chance to charge my iPhone or my watch if either failed me. Early to rise late to get back, the family spent the day at an amusement park on top of a mountain. Reception was poor enough in spots that I think that explains some of the hit that the phone’s battery took, but the watch was strong.

I got alerted of a few emails that I simply achieved as I haven’t gotten around to filtering them or unsubscribing yet. (Rockstar is no longer bothering me as Gmail automatically deletes their messages. Hey, I tried to unsubscribe four times. I was generous.) I exchanged a few brief messages with friends while I was in line and I contacted my wife when we separated at a few points to speed up the whole amusement park process. I ended the day with a fair chunk of battery left. It does better when you’re not fiddling with it all day as a new thing.

What the watch did not do was protect me from getting sunburnt. Piece of shit.

2015/05/03 23:00

Games I completed in April, 2015

Games I completed in April

  • 2015.04.01: Wario Land 3
  • 2015.04.10: Breath of Fire 2

Two games early on in the month. Both I had started long ago and finally cracked my way through. Both are sequels to games I much prefer. They tried new things and some of them can be applauded, but overall it was either overambitious nature or poor choices that made these games less fun than their predecessors.

Games I bought in April

  • 2015.04.02 – Xenoblade
  • 2015.04.23- Bravely Second

These two are the reason I tried to crack down on games in my backlog. And even with three weeks to work on Xenoblade, I got nowhere. I’m having trouble seeing what everyone else does. It is pretty much exactly what I do not want out of today’s RPGs.

Bravely Second, though, has been a lovely journey of joy so far. It’s going to be hard for it to top the original, but it is not off to a bad start.

2015/05/02 23:00

First time watching

Ah, my first full day with the watch. I put it on around six in the morning and when I went to take a shower around ten pm it was at four percent battery. When I checked how much I used it though, it was way more than I had expected. Five hours is a lot of fiddling with the thing.

Although I suppose that is to be expected day one. Much like how my phone is not the focus of my attention all the time anymore and easily makes it through the day (although, it is seemingly getting hit a bit by the watch being paired to it, but nothing too bad).

Aside from me being overzealous in checking it for things, it did its job well. Wife messaged me to tell me she and the boy were on their way home and to start cooking dinner. My wrist vibrates, I see this, I tap twice to reply and continue cooking. Boom. I got several emails that I don’t need to deal with today or at all and using the Mailbox prompt (there is nothing for the app on the watch itself) I achieved a few and pushed one to tomorrow morning.

The sillies and yet coolest to me thing is I have a 9pm alarm because that is when the boy is supposed to be in bed. My phone started ringing when I was walking upstairs with him, but my phone was not on me. I tapped on my wrist. Phone stops.

None of these things are huge but they are all so smooth. I’m interested in seeing how a work day turns out for me, but one day in and this is a nifty little device.

2015/05/01 23:00

Changing fashion

Well, I have an watch and I’m bored already. Bored with the life I had before I became part of the future. Wearing something on my wrist still feels weird, but not as terrible as I feared.

What blew my mind was when a friend called, I answered on my watch and then transferred the call over to my phone. I felt like I was playing with some toy that I had wanted for the longest time and it was my birthday. It was so simple, silly almost, but so ridiculously cool. Yes, I talked into my wrist. No. I didn’t care. Because I answered and talked for a bit while fishing my phone from my pocket. So cool.

I’m still fiddling with so much and trying to figure things out, but opening up OmniFocus and saying “Remind me to put on some pants.” and then after doing some stuff on my computer – pantsless – I stood up, glanced at my watch and saw the reminder. Then I went downstairs to make dinner for my family. Wearing pants.

The future is here.

2015/04/30 23:00

Second Time

I had to give up my cellphone to sit in the US Consulate’s office. Will my watch soon be similarly policed? Assuming that I have to go again soon, because hey, thanks Apple! You tell me June and then my watch will be arriving two days after I ordered it. That just makes me smile.

Lots of smiling has been going on today. There is a cutscene early on in Bravely Second that is awesome. Apparently it is in For the Sequel as a secret ending movie. Which I did not see. So. Dang. I really should have put more time into that. It is super fun and I kind of can see myself jumping back into it after clearing BS. Because I will want to know if that one holds up after this one.

I feel like a kid before Xmas. It is a smartwatch, and I paid for it, but I’m still really excited to try it out and see if I can develop something for it. I know the options right now aren’t much, but I’m sure just using it will help get the thought ideas flowing.

One more day. Squee.

2015/04/29 23:00

Who watches the watch?

A few weeks ago I panicked when I realized my passport had expired a year ago. It turns out this isn’t much of an issue as long as one isn’t traveling, and since I try to keep that down to a minimum, I could have let it slide longer. But after fifteen years of being issued without being renewed, the paperwork changes, and things get silly, and who knows if something were to happen and I’d have to travel. So, today being a day off I scheduled an appointment to get it done. Thankfully the embassy was open on this Japanese holiday.

And since I was in Osaka anyway, I scheduled a try on for the watch. I ended up trying on four different watches: 38mm sports band, 42mm sports band, 42mm leather band, and 38mm Milanese loop. I cannot believe I spelt Milanese right the first time. Short version of this story: a 38mm watch Sport with blue band is coming to me as soon as Apple can ship it.

  1. Wow, the rubber watch band is comfortable. I also loved how it tucked in and didn’t stick out. Would you believe that is one of the things that I never liked about watches? Okay, I didn’t realize that either until I tucked the end of the band in and was like “Oh, wow. This makes sense.”
  2. I flubbed typing “expected” up there even though I got Milanese right. I liked that band, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about having metal constantly on me.
  3. The leather felt good at first, but I instantly thought about the hot and sweaty summer months in Japan and was much less pleased with it.
  4. Had I just bought one online (Apple sent me the developer offer for the 42mm Blue Sports band.) I would have said “Yeah, I need the 42mm one.” But that felt almost a bit too big.
  5. I could have sworn that I read that the store credit I had couldn’t be used online, but I placed an order online in-store and they input the code for me and it worked. So, I’m confused. But that enough of the watch so that I only paid around $200 for it, and that made it a lot easier to swallow. So now you know why I got one instead of dropping the equivalent cash on a PS4. Because if I could get a PS4 for $200? Yes.
2015/04/29 12:00

Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.04.29

Thank you Namcot for this lone Virtual Console release we are about to partake.

Wii U VC

Cosmo Gang the Puzzle (Super Famicom): ¥823 (¥600 cart-only, ¥1100 complete on Suruga-ya)
Not to be confused with Cosmo Gang the Video, which is the sequel to the redemption game (Thanks, Wikipedia!) Cosmo Gang, because this is the sequel to the sequel. And instead of a shooter, this is a puzzle game. There are two types of pieces, containers and “Cosmo Gangers”. Matching rows of containers scores points and it seems like the gangers bang together and mess up your shit. That is until balls come rolling and knock out the gangers. I am confused.

2015/04/28 23:00


I’m having trouble giving my attention to Bravely Second. Not because it isn’t good. It is great. However, I’m in the middle of a longterm freelance translation gig and despite having been doing freelance work for over three years now I still haven’t quite gotten a grasp on “letting go”.

The 9 to 5 (well, 8 to 4) job is no problem. The day’s done, it’s out of mind unless there is something I want to take care of that I have to work on during other hours. But the freelance work… Even though I schedule it pretty vigorously, keep ahead of the schedule “just in case”, the separation is hard.

But Bravely Second really is good. I’m getting those warm fuzzies all over again. The characters. Damn. And the battle system as ever and I’m curious about the new jobs a whole lot. But familiar faces and interesting new characters dropping in all over the place is making this a real treat when I can pry my mind away from work and get some gaming going.

2015/04/27 23:00


A friend gave me some dumbbells and I’m going to turn them into smartbells by spending time with a schedule someone made up for me to follow. Well, it was made for another person, but apparently it should work for me too. Details, details. I’m lifting heavy things in order to make my heavy things awesome looking heavy things.


As I was doing it I felt fine, and yet now a few scant hours later my muscles are screaming. Is this the sexy ripping through my soft flesh? Only time will tell, and right now it is telling me to lay my ass down for some sleep.