2014/10/31 23:00

Games I beat October 2014

Games I beat October 2014

  • 2014.10.14: Shadowrun Returns
  • 2014.10.16: Hotline Miami

Translate more, sit at desk more. Sit at desk more, look for breaks to take at desk more. Leads to playing of Steam games since I have not yet hooked up any of my retro consoles.

Games I bought October, 2014

  • 2014.10.12: Hotline Miami
  • 2014.10.12: Wizardry 6 + 7
  • 2014.10.12: Wizardry 8
  • 2014.10.12: Influx
  • 2014.10.12: Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • 2014.10.12: Shadowrun Returns
  • 2014.10.18: Monster Hunter 4G
  • 2014.10.25: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut
  • 2014.10.31: The Binding of Isaac
  • 2014.10.31: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4

I am starting to feel this Steam Sickness. Well, it was not entirely Steam. Hardly any, actually. The first six were $15 total on GOG and I completely brainfarted and thought Wizardry was Ultima. Um. But! I think I’ll like Wizardy more except that holy shit this series. MH4G was a gift. The last three were bought entirely via playing other Steam games. So $15 out of my pocket this month and I got a shitload of games. I’ve gotten into a pattern for finishing PC games now, but I have kind of lost the rhythm for console games. Which is not to say that I am not enjoying them. Because I am when I sit down to play. I just have trouble sitting down to play. An “interesting” problem.

2014/10/30 23:00

Japan has changed

From 2008 to 2014 I have had a Pokémon calendar on my wall. It started when I realized, fuck yes I want to eat a Mega Mac while I sit alone in my apartment on Christmas. And fuck yes, I need a Pokémon calendar. And thus, a tradition was born. I care little for Pokémon despite the fun I had with it many years ago, but I loves me a good nonsensical tradition. Why do I do this? Because I do! What is a greater expression of the human soul than doing something because you said you were going to do it?

As the calendar debuts around my birthday, I always managed to convince a friend that “Hey, wouldn’t you love to give me a Pokémon calendar for my birthday?” And my friend would always be like “Hell yeah.” And then I had a calendar. Life was good.

As I have lost plenty of weight recently and that’s not cool – I’m in my thirties for chris-saké, I need to be complaining about how I’m never get back to my pre-college weight, not succeeding. So last night I stop into a McDonald’s for some late night fattening and see them advertising next year’s calendar.

Next year’s Yo-Kai Watch calendar.

Words, I have none of you. Except for a hearty “Fuck!” Yo-Kai Watch is taking over Japan super-quick. Extra-super-quick. Claiming the yearly McDonald’s calendar spot? What the hell is a grown man to do? I cannot be adorning my wall with a bunch of ghosts and other mystical creatures. I need fake animals who got screwed in the genetic pool swimming relay. If I could still cry I would need some freshly popped corn to shake the tears over.

Sure, maybe someone will pick it up for me as a birthday gift out of the aforementioned tradition. I mean, Pokémon, Yo-Kai Watch, what’s the difference? Children are abusing creatures someway or another and battling and having fun, sure. But what about a lone man’s tradition? What about the time honored respect of having a predetermined type of marketing based calendar on a wall that has been going on for long enough to count as a religion?

Why won’t someone think of the children for once?

2014/10/29 12:00

Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.10.29

Final Fight 3 (Super Famicom): ¥823 (¥11,000 cart-only on Suruga-ya)
I did not know there was a Final Fight 3. I did not know it went for over $100 at places in Japan. I don’t even want to see what the NA release goes for.

Super Nobunaga’s Ambition: Whole Country Version (Super Famicom): ¥823
So it’s not as if Koei releasing version after version of its games is anything new.

gomoku_narabeGomoku Narabe Renju (Famicom): ¥514 (¥330 cart-only, ¥1990 complete on Suruga-ya)
I never heard of Gomoku before, but having studied computer science and a strong interest in game design make it super interesting to read about. I’m not sure how much enjoyment one could get out of playing a Famicom AI, though.

2014/10/28 23:00

Two days in a row

Teaching at eight schools means my schedule is on a rotation. If I ever went to the same school two days in a row in the past I have long since forgotten doing so. Doing it this week made me realize that I miss the traditional “go to the same place every day” kind of work. Not enough to dislike my job, but enough that I realized the variety puts a kind of stress on me that I didn’t even realize. There’s not much I can do to solve the problem except acknowledge it and try to think about why it is that going somewhere different every day bugs me.

2014/10/27 23:00

Final Fantasy RevenantKioku

Charging a buck for each “premium” character in Final Fantasy All the Bravest might have been slightly less offensive if the character you got wasn’t random even if you restored purchases. The game was silly fun either way. I spent a few weeks playing Pictlogica last year, which seemed to be on the right path. “Premium” characters still came via the cash bought in-game-currency, but events allowed access to some of the cooler characters.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper unlocks these named characters via simply playing the game. Cash money buys Gems which allow Stamina refills, continuing or rolls of rare equipment. Stuff that is nice to have but not what gets the players all tingly. Having Cloud, Kain, Wakka and Rydia team up with Deshi, the main character of Record Keeper, to fight Reno and collect enough Gysahl Greens to have the Fat Chocobo revive Aerith (4000 greens) scratches a level of Final Fantasy fandom that I didn’t realize bubbled within me.

(All right. Technically the Fat Chocobo is just letting Aerith join your party but pretending it is raising her from the dead is just so much more satisfying.)

It also helps that the battle system is ATB with no MP. Instead characters can equip two skills – what depends on who they are, no magic for Cloud, for example. The skills, like equipment, powered up by Puzzle and Draongs like fusion. This allows for more uses per battle. And that is it. Each character has a limit break type move they can use when a bar fills up. Each area is a multi-part “dungeon” where after completing a few grunt-filled areas (usually rewarding the player with some items, gold and filling up the limit break bars). After a bit of playing I have been able to Auto-Battle my way through these. Which I am okay with as the boss battles have been great. Using one’s knowledge of these fights from the original games can lead to extra bonuses upon winning, plus making the fights “easier”.

I have failed a few times against bosses, but it has been my fault and not the game’s difficultly ramping up too much. I’m still fairly early, as I can take on the “Easy” versions of the daily bonus dungeons while I am far to weak to take on the “Normal” stages. I’m sure I’ll soon see the pay-wall-difficulty hit as happens with these games, but the memory trips plus fun boss fights have made this worth my time so far.

Now I just have to beat Reno about 180 more times so I can unlock Aeirth.

2014/10/26 23:00

What I Played Last Week – 2014.10.26

I’ve been doing so much translation work that when I loaded up the file for this post I noticed I hadn’t even updated it with this week’s date. Not that I’m complaining about making money, but I’ve played less games this week and been more stressed out. An interesting thing to note.

Monster Hunter 4G

Some friends helped me through to Hunter Rank 7, which was nice, but I feel a bit burned out even though I didn’t do much. I’m not sure if it is the not having time to sit down and crunch on the game or just indecision on how to take my character. When I do get to play with friends, it is still fun.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

A Puzzle and Dragons base (ew) with an ATB engine (yay!). This has been my game of choice for the past few days when I am indisposed 1. A lot of the lead up fights can be easily won on auto-battle, but the boss fights have been pure, tense joy. I’m hoping the grunt battles get a little interesting as it goes on, but as long as the boss fights maintain this level of enjoyment I’ll be playing for a while.


  1. Pooping.
2014/10/25 23:00

[rainblocks development retrospective] 12 Broken Logic


  • Started rainbow time logic
  • Fixed withKey related crash. In general, do not use withKey

Here is a case where I really wish I wrote down more notes.

First, I don’t recall what rainbow time logic I did. I think I tested a mode with fast matching of any blocks, but it was confusing and not particularly fun. The rainbow “clearing everything up” made more sense with the idea of rain and proved to be a powerful asset in higher difficulty stages.

I’m stretching to remember what my withKey related crash was. Because reading the Apple Documentation it sounds like it should do what I wanted it to. If I needed to remove a specific animation or re-start that animation, an animation withKey should do that! But I was getting hard crashes – this I remember clearly – and I had no idea what was causing it. Eventually I pinned it down to a specific animation but then I tried it without withKey and it worked just fine. That much I remember, but I know at the time I had a slightly stronger understanding of the why, and alas research at the moment isn’t helping me remember that.

Always write down notes, kids.